_Ovid Stavrica,   Founder / Managing Director
Ovid emigrated to the US with his family in 1983. He grew up in Texas and moved to western Washington in 1993.

In 2000, he founded Wiresoft Net, Inc. to market and sell the Firegate server he created while attending the University of Washington. At Wiresoft, Ovid invented a paradigm-shifting Artificial Intelligence engine, developed Wiresoft's Unified Threat Management Sentry products and developed robust alternatives to Trend Micro's gateway antivirus patents.

His passions include sailing, theoretical physics, classical piano/composition and tackling technical skull-scratchers such as immersive virtual reality (visual and tactile) and strong artificial intelligence.
_Cristian Mircioiu,   Software Architect
Dracula's land Cristian Mircioiu is a native Romanian computer scientist who spent his adolescence in Romania. Having survived the brutal, soul and mind destroying communism in his country, he later moved to Tokyo, Japan where he's in the investment banking field.

A computer geek deep inside, he joined the BattleCell project as its Software Architect, with passion.
_Ariel Saari,   Graphics
Interests: Art, design, mountain biking, cheese, red wine, and New Mexican green chile.

Favorite colors: pink, orange, black(coffee), blue(robin's egg), green(chile chicken enchiladas).

Favorite quote: "Those who appreciate the law and sausage should never witness either one being made".

Least favorite activity: Measuring things.
_Charles-Henri Avelange,   Executive Producer / Composer
Charles-Henri Avelange is known for his symphonic music scores. A French Riviera (France) native, his arrival in the USA in March 2005 marked the beginning of his career in the film industry. His symphony 'The Age of Heroes', made as a tribute to all kinds of heroes, became an official fundraiser for the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters (W.S.C.F.F). Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire as well as Harold Schaitberger, General President of the International Association of Fire Fighters (I.A.F.F) have recognized Charles-Henri's musical tribute to American Heroes.

During his short time in the US, Charles-Henri's music has been featured in numerous television commercials and documentaries. His work is commonly featured in business productions including corporate Microsoft videos.

Charles-Henri is the video producer for Social GameWorks LLC. His BattleCell contributions include all themes and music, video sound tracks and game sound effects. He is also an executive producer for BattleCell's ongoing video components.

He graduated from the ESRA (Ecole Superieure de Realisation Audiovisuelle) in Nice (France) and holds a degree in Sound Engineering and Sound Design.
_Hank Isaac,   Director / Writer
Hank Isaac comes to filmmaking from the visual arts. With a Bachelor's degree in industrial design and a Master's in theatre arts behind him, his formal training as a screenwriter has helped him craft twenty nine theatrical feature film screenplays, seven television series pilot teleplays, one complete TV season, song lyrics, and one children's book.

Sailor, aviator, SCUBA diver, teacher, engineer, scientist, artist, photographer, chef, and explorer only partially describe Hank's variety of interests and activities. Hank lived on a boat for eleven years with his family and raised a daughter in a toy store. 26 U.S. and international patents bear his name and he has won multiple international awards in the fields of design, writing, and filmmaking.

Hank is no stranger to the motion picture industry. His father, in addition to serving on the White House staff of three U.S. presidents, was an MGM executive for many years and eventually helped start and run the fledgling company known as Cinerama.

Hank is currently in development on an action/adventure feature film aimed at a family audience as well as several television series, including the sci-fi thriller, 317, and hopes to spend the rest of his days bringing his characters and stories to life.
_Joe Andolina,   Lead Camera / Editor
Award winning filmmaker Joe Andolina is a native New Yorker who relocated to Washington State in 1989. He is co-founder of RSA Productions, a music and video production company. His deep love and appreciation for movies has been a driving force behind the creative process he applies as both Cinematographer and Editor.

Joe grew up with mainstream New York television and cinema, when cinema was king.

His motto has always been, "If you mix in one hundred percent love with everything you do, you're bound to produce greatness."
_Stephen Eilers,   CGI / COMPOSITING
Stephen was born and raised on the shores of Lake Michigan. From building film sets with blocks to producing plays in the backyard, it was here where he first became interested in being a part of the entertainment industry. After seeing E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, he realized the magical hold films can have on an audience and knew he wanted to create his own brand of magic by becoming a filmmaker.

After graduating from high school, he made the big move to Hollywood where he worked for some of the biggest entertainment companies including MGM/UA and Twentieth Century Fox. After relocating to the Seattle area, Stephen gained a degree in Digital Arts and produced several short films while developing his skills as a director and editor. Most recently, he has worked on projects for Boeing and Microsoft.

Stephen's other interests include the television series 24, rock music, nutrition and fitness as well as spending time with his wife and two young sons.