Purchase Terms
Purchases of subscriptions and any other virtual currency or virtual items sold on Our Websites are purchases of a limited non-transferable, revocable license. The license may be terminated immediately if your account is terminated for any reason, in Social GameWorks' sole and absolute discretion, or if Social GameWorks discontinues providing the Services. The license term for the subscription typically is the term of such applicable subscription period, however, subscriptions may be offered in a variety of forms, including delivery of a set amount of virtual currency or number of virtual items during given periods or certain play for a given period.

You agree that all purchases of virtual currency or virtual items sold on our site are final. No refunds will be given, except in our sole and absolute discretion. You agree that virtual currency or other virtual items will be forfeited if your account is terminated for any reason, in Social GameWorks' sole and absolute discretion, or if Social GameWorks discontinues providing the services on the site. You agree that the purchase of virtual currency or virtual items sold on the site is the purchase of a limited license to a subscription service and that you have no property interest in the virtual currency or virtual items.

In Case of Billing Error
If you were charged for items you did not purchase, or you did not receive the items you purchased, or if you were charged an incorrect amount, you may request a refund or correction by contacting our billing department via: Please provide your name, the amount, date of transaction, the transaction or confirmation number, a link to your profile, and the reason that you believe the charge is in error.
Player Rules of Conduct
In order to keep the Private Instant Messaging and Blogs enjoyable, friendly and interesting for all of our users, we require that you adhere to the following player rules of conduct:

  1. You will not post User Content that violates the law or anyone's rights, including intellectual property ("IP") rights or other proprietary rights (such as rights of publicity and privacy). Discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed.
  2. You will not use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access BattleCell. Any use of these is guaranteed to result in immediate account termination.
  3. Spamming, trolling or any other unauthorized advertisements or solicitations within BattleCell is not allowed. You are expressly prohibited from using the automated messaging system to spam other members.
  4. You may not use any instrument that contains software viruses or is otherwise designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment.
  5. You may not interact with the BattleCell website in a way that could disable, overburden, or impair normal BattleCell web site operations.
  6. Likewise, you may not impair, obstruct, or otherwise detrimentally affect communications between the BattleCell web sites and its respective users.
  7. You may not provide false personal information in your profile, create more than one profile, transfer your profile, or create a profile for anyone other than yourself.
  8. You may not harvest, collect or use addresses, phone numbers or email addresses or other BattleCell user contact information without the user's prior consent.
  9. You may authorize sub-accounts to manage your vast and expanding empire. However, you do not implicitly receive any rights to such sub-accounts. You must respect the privacy of all personally identifiable information associated with sub-accounts authorized to manage your cells.
  10. You may deauthorize a sub-account from managing your cells at any time, for any reason. However, doing so will not permanently remove that player's profile from BattleCell.
  11. You must never give out your BattleCell password to other players. BattleCell staff will never ask you for your accout password. We ask that you report any phishing or other suspicious activity to BattleCell staff.
  12. If reporting a new bug in the Bugs and Troubleshooting section, please use the search function to verify that your issue has not already been identified and/or discussed.
  13. Likewise, please read the FAQ section before posting in the Bugs and Troubleshooting forums or contacting BattleCell support.
  14. BattleCell is a public, family-friendly environment. Your public posts must respect the family friendly nature of the BattleCell web sites. If something is not considered work safe, (to a boss or co-worker), then it should not be posted. If something cannot be said in polite company, then it should not be posted. Using asterisks or other symbols in place of letters does not make a word okay to use.
  15. Your username may not be offensive in nature. Your username may not refer, either directly or indirectly, to: harm to others, sex, bodily functions, put downs to others, hatred, prejudice, or racism.
  16. Cybersex and picking up "dates" is expressly prohibited on all of our websites.
  17. You may not refer to or link, in any manner, to sites, images or other content containing pornography, sexually explicit material, gross violence, or any other content deemed by moderators to be detrimental to the BattleCell community. BattleCell staff shall be the sole arbitrator of what does and what does not violate community standards.
  18. Public posts debating these rules and/or moderators' enforcement of such will be removed without comment. We do encourage feedback, and invite you to use our support system if you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies.
Though these rules cover most common situations, they do not anticipate all possible scenarios. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure our forums, blogs and related public web pages are not disrupted or abused in any way. BattleCell and its moderators reserve the right to delete posts and/or whole conversations we determine are of an irrelevant, abusive or disruptive nature without notice. Access to our websites and services is a privilege and not a right.

By using our BattleCell web sites, you are consenting to the foregoing Rules of Conduct.

Violators may be warned, suspended from posting, suspended from the game, barred from using BattleCell Instant Messaging and Blogs, or barred from participating on BattleCell and related web sites at the sole discretion of the BattleCell staff.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact BattleCell support.