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Carver Anglin This is your final warning. Building right onto my border? Honestly? I am offering peace. If you do not attack I will attack you no further. I am sorry that you went an active. However, I feel no remorse for taking the cells of an inactive player, but I am glad another player has returned. If you can live with your losses I am even willing to offer an alliance under the right circumstances. You're faced now with a choice between my protection and my wrath. I will respect your wishes either way.
more than 1 month ago 
Carver Anglin I see you are plotting against me. Next time go for more subtly. Rest assured, I have no qualm with you, if you make no trouble for me I will give you none. However, if you think that you, even with with help, are capable of doing any more than temporarily denting my empire, you are sadly mistaken. I'm sorry that you lost your cells, no offence was meant. You were inactive, not me. I will not relent, I will not give in. The cells that are now mine, are mine.
more than 1 month ago 
Tearle Eide been gone for a bit, having to do some porcher clean up on some of my lands..
more than 1 month ago 
Tearle Eide yes
more than 1 month ago 

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