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michael trettevik hey im getting a alliance together to take care of negen en zestig if your interested please respond
more than 1 month ago 
Greg Thomas Such a shame you ignored my apology. Do we really have to slog it out?
more than 1 month ago 
Greg Thomas Hi; I had mistakenly assumed that the largely static group of cells beneath me was idle. Clearly, that was my mistake. I have moved my troops away, and will willing purchase 6 empty cells which will be left unguarded at a location of your choice in restitution for the 3 cells that I took. I hope that this will go some way to apologies for my actions.
more than 1 month ago 
Bernie Junior Hey, Boogie, pls. let me know your overall plan .. waht would yoube expecting from us (SkyDriver, and I) since we're new.. we were thinking of getting the Brussels area in first. Pls. advice. B.
more than 1 month ago 
x x i've sent you a message. it is polite to answer it
more than 1 month ago 
x x what are your intentions in the Mediterranean?
more than 1 month ago 

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