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Carver Anglin Alright. I've looked through his base. Your assault appears to be well under way. Because of the size of my empire, I will take serious penalties if I assist directly in this campaign. If you need support I can set up a perimeter of cells and march armies onto yours (making them your armies), but it will do me no good to attack directly. However, from what I can see, you don't need assistance and would be better for your growth if you handle this one without me. As for the Federations, I do not know. It's something I spoke with Ovid about many months ago and I am not sure how they would have changed and progressed from the basic idea he had back then. Rest assured, as soon as they become available, I will form one. You are welcome to join mine and seek out another.
more than 1 month ago 
Carver Anglin If you could point me towards any specific targets or holdings, that would be appreciated. He will be dealt with.
more than 1 month ago 
bob romano From what i can tell pretty inactive, but at this point im being fairly cautious, and thats what i'd advise
more than 1 month ago 
prooving proof well, ok thanks
more than 1 month ago 
sergse dfbsdfbsdf If you could please return prooving's cells, I'd appreciate it.
more than 1 month ago 
prooving proof nice done
more than 1 month ago 
prooving proof can you tell me how to build factories? i promise that if you tell me, i'll make some of them where you have fought against me.
more than 1 month ago 

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