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x x how would you like to get some more cells?
more than 1 month ago 
x x i've sent you some troops. i'll send more in the next days
more than 1 month ago 
x x there is an "request alliance" link on my profile page ... you can use that. you can buy some cells near my own and i will transfer some troops on them once we are allies
more than 1 month ago 
x x you're not exactly in a position were you can pose conditions. you were the one that started to gather troops near my cells. i've only attacked you as a precaution. once we are allies i won't attack any of you cells. i'm waiting for your answer
more than 1 month ago 
x x don't think that if i didn't finish you till now i'm gonna let you attack me and get away with it. if you wanna talk i'm open for a discussion
more than 1 month ago 

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