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510 3,413 3,060 39 369 Lake Fed
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Dennis Banfield Greetings and salutations! Just a small tip, Laz will only attack shore cells that you own. In other words, it is completely safe for you to build and expand on non-shore cells first, then finish up the island by buying shore cells, and fortifying them then. That way you avoid most of the fight while you're setting up, and when it eventually arrives, you're prepared. Hope that helps, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (Guenhwyvar), via your allies tab. I am allies of LeRouge. Cheers!
more than 1 month ago 
I was approved to send you a Fed invite. We are currently looking for others to take on Lazarus Kappa. Since you are having so much trouble with the AI in your area I talked it over with other members and they think it would be good for me to invite you.
more than 1 month ago 
Wow Laz is really making your life hell
more than 1 month ago 
Where you able to figure out how to accept the alliance invite? You could just loin my Federation if you would like. Let me know about the alliance thing cause I can explain how to accept.
more than 1 month ago 
Should be able to accept in your profile view. Yes there is an advantage to building next to each other, keeping Lazarus at bay. Strength in numbers as they say, plus I can defend you if Laz or any other players decide to attack.
more than 1 month ago 
Looks like Lazarus took out some of your sectors with the nuke. Bummer deal. Building in that sector so don't attack please.
more than 1 month ago 
So accept my alliance invite
more than 1 month ago 
Ok, so if that is the case then I am sorry. I have been talking with other players on global chat and on the message boards. We have been seeing a decline in the active players of the game. We are trying to promote the game. If the player was inactive then that is fine but make sure that you don't just start taking out random players cause they might not be able to log on everyday.
more than 1 month ago 
You Fucked up now...... Taking out other players, then trying to take out me. Wrong move. Bye Bye!!!!!!
more than 1 month ago 

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